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By Dentistry at Camp Creek
January 29, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

The old way of getting a crown required you to go the dentist for a dental impression and tooth preparation, then come in once again dental crownsseveral weeks later for bonding. You can reduce a lot of time and aggravation by simply asking your dentist about CEREC. It's a dental treatment available at Dentistry at Camp Creek in South Atlanta, GA that will restore your smile in just one appointment.

Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramics (CEREC)
CEREC is a way for your dentist to save you time and give you a very realistic dental restoration. It is a dental system composed of a milling machine and an imaging machine with CAD/CAM technology that takes an impression of your teeth. Using that digital impression, the milling machine can form a crown or similar restorative device for your teeth. The technology is fast and efficient enough to finish your restoration in the same visit, so there's no reason to return to the dentist's office for bonding.

CEREC is in high demand with people who have very busy schedules and do not have time to visit the dentist often. There's no need to take time off of work on more than one occasion to see your South Atlanta dentist for a CEREC treatment. With CEREC, you also avoid the discomfort of having to wear a temporary tooth placeholder while your crown is made. Everything is done in one sitting, in about an hour or two. The restoration will be very accurate in size and shape, and will last for many years.

One Appointment for a Restored Smile
You might need a crown if your tooth has become eroded, weak, damaged or decayed over time. Now you can have that tooth restored in just one appointment rather than having to schedule multiple visits with your dentist. When your smile is stronger, you'll feel more confident about the way you look and the stability of your teeth.

Call for CEREC Treatment
There's no need to delay having your smile restored thanks to CEREC. You can have your restorations created and placed in one convenient visit to Dentistry at Camp Creek in South Atlanta, GA. Call (404) 629-9290 today with Dr. Travon Holt.

By Dentistry at Camp Creek
November 21, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

A full 15 percent of Americans see their dentists for placement of full dentures each year, says the American College of Prosthodontistsdentures. That's a lot of tooth loss, but fortunately, these edentulous people realize the necessity of replacing their teeth lost to injury, gum disease, cancer treatment, decay and more. Nutrition and appearance benefit from well-fitting artificial teeth and so does self-confidence. Learn details on dentures from South Atlanta dentist, Dr. Travon Holt.

What happens when we lose teeth

Loss of some or all of your teeth impacts how you eat and how you talk. Many individuals with substantial tooth loss simply modify their diets so they can comfortably chew with just their gum tissue. You can imagine how many healthy and favorite foods they miss.

In addition, edentulous people experience dramatic changes to their personal appearance. Whenever teeth are extracted, jaw bone and gums recede almost immediately, reducing the height of dental bites, collapsing facial contours and creating premature skin wrinkling. In effect, young people look old, and older people look even older.

When facial appearance changes so dramatically, self-confidence inevitably suffers. As the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry states, "Your smile becomes you," and if that smile is deficient in some way, your persona retreats.

What dentures do

South Atlanta dentures from the skilled hands of Dr. Holt and his dedicated team fully replace oral function and facial appearance. Created from tooth- and gum-colored acrylic according to oral impressions and specifications from Dr. Holt, dentures fit precisely, helping patients eat, talk, laugh and smile with complete confidence.

Types of dentures

Dentures are customized to patient need. There are two basic types: partial dentures and full dentures. Partial dentures fit the mouth the way a puzzle piece fits into a jigsaw puzzle, effectively spanning smile gaps. The artificial teeth are mounted on a thin metal frame, and clasps anchor the prosthetic to adjoining natural teeth.

Full dentures, however, are typically held in place by the mouth's natural suction. Sometimes, a wearer will add denture adhesive to avoid slippage when necessary.

Full dentures come in two kinds:

  • Immediate, which are placed right after tooth extraction, but must be refitted after gums and bone heal and shrink
  • Conventional, which are placed after the gums and bone are fully healed

Conventional dentures do not need refitting as immediate dentures do. Also, conventional dentures may be supported with strategically placed dental implants, titanium screws inserted into the jaw bone. The denture snaps onto the implants, providing superior hold. Some implant-supported dentures are removable and some are permanent. Dr. Holt helps patients determine which kind of denture is best for their unique situations.

Feel good, look great

You can when you wear lifelike dentures from Dr. Travon Holt in South Atlanta. Why not contact his office today for a one-on-one consultation? Phone (404) 629-9290.

By Dentistry at Camp Creek
May 18, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Many patients who come to the dentist for cosmetic concerns ask about how they can fix the gaps in their teeth. Some gaps are due to dental implantstooth size or poor positioning and need orthodontic help. But when a gap is caused by a missing tooth, a dental implant may be the best choice. Get more comfortable with the idea of dental implants in advance of your appointment at Dentistry at Camp Creek in South Atlanta, GA.

The Problem with Smile Gaps
When there’s a gap in the smile, the problem is more than just cosmetic. Here are a few important reasons why you should have a gap caused by a missing tooth filled as soon as possible:

  • The gap allows food to become trapped, which could be a challenge for your oral health
  • Missing teeth make it harder to thoroughly process and digest food
  • Some words are more difficult to pronounce when you have a missing tooth
  • Bone tissue is lost when there isn’t a tooth rooted inside of the socket

Fixing the Gap
While some patients assume that their only choice is dentures, they are often pleasantly surprised to learn that dental implants are an option. As long as you have enough viable bone tissue left, your South Atlanta dentist can help. Once healed, a dental implant is outfitted with a tooth-colored porcelain crown that fills the gap and looks just like your other teeth. In some cases, a bone grafting procedure may be used to ensure a successful implantation.

The Implant Procedure
Going to an implantation appointment is much like going into the dentist’s office for any other type of restorative procedure. You’ll be sedated and the area will be thoroughly cleaned. The implant will be carefully inserted in the socket—a simple surgical procedure that takes a matter of minutes. When done, your dentist will provide you with instructions on how to care for the implanted device during the healing process. In a few months, you’ll see your South Atlanta dentist again to place the crown.

Close the Gap with Dental Implants
When you have a dental implant, it becomes a permanent part of your smile. You can go through life eating, talking and socializing, confident that no one knows the difference between your implant and the rest of your teeth. Call Dentistry at Camp Creek in South Atlanta, GA today at (404) 629-9290 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Travon Holt or Dr. Tarem Eric Hendricks.

By Dentistry at Camp Creek
December 08, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

Missing some or all of your teeth can lead you to have a poor self-image or make in-person interactions harder. Speaking and eating denturesmay become difficult and you may even notice some side effects from your missing teeth. Luckily, you can take your smile back and renew your confidence with dentures. Learn more about what dentures can do for you with Dentistry at Camp Creek in South Atlanta, GA.

What are dentures? 
Dentures replace your missing teeth to complete your smile and make eating, chewing and speaking less difficult and more natural. Usually made from mixed materials like porcelain and acrylic or coated metal, dentures fit onto the arch of the mouth and use gravity or suction to stay in place. A denture can also permanently attach to dental implants.

Can dentures help my smile? 
Dentures can probably help your smile if you are missing most or all of your teeth. A dental implant or dental bridge are usually suggested for replacing one or several teeth. Not only do dentures fill out your smile to close its gaps, they also fill out your facial muscles and skin, keeping you from prematurely aging or sagging. Dentures also allow you to eat normal foods and chew and swallow normally. Untreated missing teeth can mean a lack of nutrition due to eating only soft foods instead of healthier options.

Dentures in South Atlanta, GA
The most recognizable denture is a full denture, with a full row of teeth on the arch. This denture works best for those missing all of their teeth on the upper or lower arch. Patients can wear another denture on the opposite arch to replace all of the teeth in the mouth. This is known as wearing a “set” of dentures. However, dentures can also incorporate remaining healthy teeth into their design, fitting over the teeth to keep them healthy and help the denture stay in place. Finally, implant-supported dentures are removable or permanent and attach to surgically-placed dental implants.

For more information on dentures, please contact Dr. Travon Holt and Dr. Tarem Eric Hendricks at Dentistry at Camp Creek in South Atlanta, GA. Call (404) 629-9290 to schedule your appointment with your dentist today!

By Dentistry at Camp Creek
October 14, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

You may know someone with dental implants and not even realize it. That's because these unique restorations, which are surgically dental implantsplaced in the jawbone, blend in perfectly with natural teeth. Dr. Travon Holt and Dr. Tarem Eric Hendricks, your dentists in South Atlanta, are proud to offer dental implants to his patients at Dentistry at Camp Creek. Wondering if dental implants could be the tooth restoration you're looking for? Read on.

Are dental implants right for me?

It's easy to see while dental implants are so attractive. However, people wonder if they're the right choice for replacing their teeth. Most patients who come to Dentistry at Camp Creek in South Atlanta make excellent candidates for dental implants. There are a few exceptions that may necessitate other avenues, though. If you've been without teeth for a long time, your jawbone may not properly support the implants. People undergoing cancer treatments or those with immune disorders and unmanaged conditions like diabetes may experience complications from dental implant surgery. It's also best for pregnant women to wait until after they give birth before proceeding with most dental procedures. Discussing your health history with your South Atlanta dentist will determine if you're eligible for dental implants and what other options you have.

The long term tooth replacement option

While it's true that the initial cost of implants is higher than other dental restorations, their longevity and ease of care offsets the cost. Unlike crowns, dentures and other treatments, there's no reason to have your implants refitted or repaired. This eliminates the cost of these fixes, which are otherwise inevitable. Since dental implants are a permanent restoration, there's no chance of misplacing them. They also help the jawbone remain stable, eliminating any recession problems that occur with missing teeth.

If you'd like to discuss dental implants with your South Atlanta dentists, Dr. Travon Holt and Dr. Tarem Eric Hendricks, we encourage you to contact Dentistry at Camp Creek for a consultation today!