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By Dentistry at Camp Creek
May 31, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Waterlase  

Keeping your mouth healthy is just as important as maintaining your general health. However, many people avoid visiting their dentist due to fear of the sound of the dental drill or the needle used to administer local anesthetic. However, with Waterlase laser dentistry, your dental experience is easier and more relaxed than ever. Learn more with help from your Atlanta, GA dentist at Dentistry at Camp Creek.Waterlase Dentistry

What is Waterlase? 
Waterlase dentistry is a dental system which replaces the traditional dental drill. This technology allows your dentist to use less or even no local anesthetic and cut down on procedure times. Waterlase uses a laser coupled with steady streams of water and air to achieve the same results as a dental drill and more. Thanks to using a laser instead of the traditional dental drill, Waterlase eliminates the whirring and drilling noises associated with dental procedures. The laser also gives Waterlase added precision to remove smaller amounts of tooth and reduces the chance of cross-contamination. Dentists specially trained in Waterlase can perform procedures previously referred to specialists and achieve more in a single visit than with a traditional dental drill.

What can Waterlase dentistry do for me? 
Waterlase technology has the potential to provide shorter procedure times, especially if the procedure does not require anesthetic. Waterlase provides a virtually painless experience, both during and after the procedure. During soft tissue procedures, the laser cuts down on bleeding and swelling. This means a more comfortable overall dental experience and less painful recovery than with traditional dental procedures.

The Benefits of Waterlase
Waterlase’s laser allows for extremely precise tooth, gum or tissue removal, allowing your dentist to preserve as much of your natural tooth as possible. Waterlase’s design gives your Atlanta dentist the ability to treat a wide variety of issues in both the hard and soft tissues of the mouth. Using Waterlase, your dentist can perform surgical procedures involving anything from the mouth’s bone tissue itself to a simple dental filling.

For more information on Waterlase dentistry, please contact Dr. Travon Holt and Dr. Tarem Eric Hendricks, DMD at Dentistry at Camp Creek in Atlanta, GA. Call (404) 629-9290 to schedule your appointment today!