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By Dentistry at Camp Creek
February 12, 2019
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Denture  

Tooth loss is painful and disappointing. Not only does your oral function change, but so does your entire facial appearance, thanks to thedenture loss of bone and gum tissue. What's your solution? Dr. Travon Holt and Dr. Lola Oh at Dentistry at Camp Creek in South Atlanta, provide their patients with amazing dentures that are both lifelike and totally functional. Which type is right for your situation? Here's some information to help you make an informed choice on your tooth replacements.


Denture materials and craftsmanship

Dentures from Dentistry at Camp Creek in South Atlanta are individually crafted by highly skilled dental technicians who have years of experience sculpting artificial teeth and gums from realistically-colored acrylic. Some dentures, such as partial dentures, also contain metals such as chrome cobalt metal which is light and strong.

The dental technician follows plans submitted by Dr. Holt or Dr. Oh, along with the digital X-rays and oral impressions that they have taken in-office. Today's dentures are renowned for durability and variations in shape and color which render a highly realistic appearance.

As proper fit is just as important as appearance, dentures typically are tried on and adjusted before final placement. And, as the need arises, these artificial teeth require relining or a complete makeover as bone structure and gum tissue change over time.


Types of dentures

Your specific prosthetic depends on the number of teeth you've lost, your personal preference, and of course, your budget. Denture types include:

  • Partial dentures, consisting of one or more pontic (artificial) teeth affixed to a metal frame and held to natural teeth with clasps
  • Immediate dentures, full dentures inserted after tooth extraction to give the patient a complete set of teeth right away. Often relined after several months, immediate dentures also speed up the healing of bone and gum tissue.
  • Full conventional dentures, held in by suction, replace top or bottom teeth or both. If this is your choice, your dentist will wait until your hard and soft tissues have healed over before placing the dentures in your mouth. Full conventional dentures offer an optimal fit and do not need resizing.
  • Implant-supported dentures are anchored by multiple titanium implants placed into your jaw bone. These dentures offer rock-solid stability and improve the density of underlying gum tissue and bone.


Do you need dentures?
If so, Dentistry at Camp Creek is the place for you. Dr. Holt or Dr. Oh and their team will take good care of you and fit you with dentures that look, feel, and fit so well that you will forget you are wearing them. Don't hesitate to contact the office team for your denture consultation: (404) 629-9290.