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By Dentistry at Camp Creek
May 08, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Cosmetic Bonding  

Using cosmetic dentistry procedures to improve the appearance of your smile is a common and effective choice. However, with the many cosmetic bondingoptions presented to you by your dentist, you may have a hard time choosing which procedure is best for you. Cosmetic dental bonding is a fast and easy way to correct small imperfections in your teeth, allowing you to feel good about your smile in just a single dental appointment. Find out more about cosmetic dental bonding and what it can do for you with Dr. Travon Holt at Dentistry at Camp Creek in Atlanta, GA.

How can cosmetic dentistry help me? 
Cosmetic dentistry can help you in more ways than one. Many cosmetic dentistry procedures also benefit your smile functionally, renewing the biting surface of a worn tooth or replacing a tooth to allow you to more effectively chew your food. Cosmetic dentistry also gives you something to feel proud of. A beautiful smile is on the top of many people’s priority lists and the confidence which comes from a smile you love can help ease the anxiety social interactions and make first impressions more enjoyable.

What is the dental bonding procedure like? 
The bonding procedure is simple and fast, usually lasting only a few minutes and providing big results. To start, your dentist will ensure that you do not have any signs of tooth decay or gum disease in the area of the tooth in question. If these conditions are present, they will likely correct them before performing any cosmetic dentistry procedures. Your dentist then uses an etching solution to roughen the surface of the tooth and help with the bonding process. Then, they will mold the resin materials directly onto the tooth, shaping it into the right form to round out your tooth and give you the results you want. A special UV light aimed at the materials sets and hardens the resin. Your dentist may then use dental contouring, a process involving shaping the tooth, to give the tooth any final touches it may require.

Dental Bonding in Atlanta, GA
For more information on cosmetic dental bonding or other cosmetic procedures to improve your smile, please contact Dr. Travon Holt at Dentistry at Camp Creek in Atlanta, GA. Cal (404) 629-9290 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Holt today!